A look ahead

We will be adding lots of new content to the site and improving the site’s existing content. Here’s a look at some of what we’ve got in the pipeline.

For free and premium users

  • Videos: Many of the site’s lessons already have instructional videos embedded, but we have many more to come.
  • Challenge questions: Most of the site’s lessons have a Challenge question on the final slide. We have a few more to add.
  • Improved formatting: There are several places on the website where we will be improving the formatting. For example, there are still a few places where fractions are written as, for example, 3/4 instead of \(\frac{3}{4} \), so we will update any fractions formatted in the former style to the latter.
  • Improved exercises and topic slides: We have several topics earmarked for improvement. For these topics, we will rewrite questions and create better sequences of exercises. For many lessons, we will add more warm-up activities on prerequisite topics to help teachers identify any missing fundamentals before attempting to teach new content.
  • Live feedback test papers with randomly generated questions: Our live feedback test papers tell students not only whether they got a question right or wrong, but show an on-screen worked solution AND where a student’s incorrect answer arises from a common misconception, the on-screen feedback will be customised to address the student’s particular misconception.
  • Glossary with topic links: We will add definitions for every key word up to GCSE level, and make them easy to access. For example, for the definition of fraction, you can go to bossmaths.com/fraction or bossmaths.com/fractions. In addition to the definitions, there are links to all relevant lessons.

For premium users only

  • Random question generators: We will add random question generators for key topics (e.g. factorising quadratic expressions) so that as teachers, you can easily give your students as much practice on these topics as they need.
  • Customisable, interleaved sets of randomly-generated questions: We will create a page where teachers can specify topics and then click a button to generate a set of questions on those topics. This would be an easy to way for students to get some practice on topics from the last week as well as topics from further back.
  • More diagnostic questions including specific coverage of examples and non-examples: We will embed even more diagnostic question slides for each topic, and specifically include diagnostic questions to help students distinguish between examples and non-examples.