Resources for Sixth-form mathematics

This is a growing section of the site. The resources here are not designed to substitute for a good textbook—which most sixth-formers tend to have access to anyway. The content here instead centres around dynamic interactive applets with three main purposes in mind:

  • conveying concepts more clearly than is possible with static diagrams on a page or a slide;
  • offering several question generators that can be used in class to develop fluency e.g. through use of guidance fading, material for mini-whiteboard or oral questioning; and
  • providing step-by-step procedural guides for students.

Pure Mathematics resources


  1. Gradient of a line passing through two points
  2. Limits
  3. Differentiation from first principles
  4. Differentiating expressions of the form \(kx^n\) with respect to \(x\)
  5. The gradient at a point on a curve
  6. Tangents and normals


  1. Introduction to matrices
  2. Adding and subtracting matrices
  3. Multiplying matrices
  4. 2 × 2 Matrices and linear transformations
  5. Determinants of 2 × 2 matrices
  6. Inverses of 2 × 2 matrices
  7. Invariant points and lines in 2 dimensions
  8. 3 × 3 Matrices and linear transformations
  9. Determinants of 3 × 3 matrices
  10. Inverses of 3 × 3 matrices
  11. Matrices and simultaneous equations

Binomial expansion

  1. Introduction to the binomial expansion

Mechanics resources

Newton’s Laws

  1. Newton’s Laws and elevators
  2. Pulleys


  1. Recap of constant acceleration formulae and splitting a velocity into perpendicular components
  2. Projecting a particle directly upwards
  3. Projecting a particle at any angle
  4. Projectile motion formulae

Statistics resources

The binomial distribution

  1. Visualising the binomial distribution