Specifications and formulas to learn

Smart QLAs (for registered schools only)

Note: Even if Question-Level Analysis (QLA) spreadsheets could be populated in zero time, the use of QLAs ought to come with a health warning. While there are benefits that can arise from their use, QLAs can also result in unintended consequences if not used appropriately! If you do wish to use QLAs however, read on…

Once populated, BossMaths QLA spreadsheets (linked in the table below) instantly generate personalised printouts for each student. There is NO NEED to upload the spreadsheet to the website; you simply print straight from Excel. The personalised printouts contain references to BossMaths lessons linked to each question.

Expand the box below to see examples of the personalised sheets for two students. Note that on each student’s second page, the QLA intelligently suggests areas for students to prioritise. These priority areas are “low-hanging fruit” i.e. they are based on questions on which students are most likely to be able to gain ‘easy’ marks.

Examples of personalised student printouts...

In the table below you find class and cohort versions of each QLA. The class QLAs (typically around 1 MB) can take data for up to 40 students while the cohort QLAs (typically around 5 MB) can take data for up to 300 students. The QLAs are otherwise identical. Because of the formulas in the spreadsheets, older computers may struggle to load or run the cohort QLAs, but should be fine with the class QLAs.

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