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Resources for all topics.
No cost.
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BossMaths Premium
Access loads of extra resources (details below)
Individuals: £50/ year (inc. VAT)
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Schools: £80/ year (exc. VAT)
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What’s the difference between BossMaths Free and BossMaths Premium? See our feature comparison table below ⬇︎

What’s the difference between an Individual Premium subscription and a School Premium subcription? An Individual Premium subscription allows one teacher to access to BossMaths Premium resources at any given time; logging into BossMaths on a second device will automatically log you out on the first device. On the other hand, a School Premium subscription allows all teachers from the school to access BossMaths Premium resources simultaneously.

Note that students never need to log in, because student-facing features are all accessible as part of BossMaths Free.

Want to preview some of our Premium resources? Visit,, or, and you’ll find you can access the teacher resources that would normally require a Premium subscription. These include downloadable worksheets, solutions, quick links to questions on external sites and more. Also note that you’ll find diagnostic questions embedded amongst the slides. See the table below for details on the differences between our free and Premium resources.

The table below compares the resources you can access as a free user with those you can access as a Premium subscriber:


BossMaths Free


Differentiated lessons—a bank of slides, differentiated practice exercises, sets of intelligently varied (minimally different) questions, literacy tasks, exam-style questions, "challenge" problems, and sets of SSDD problems—all formatted to look good on any device

Video tutorials—recorded at high resolution and embedded into lessons*

*Currently over 250 videos spanning over 150 topics are available; more videos for the remaining topics will be added in the coming months.



TopTopics—quick, easy-to-use question generator with hundreds of question variants across several key topics

Numeracy Boss—sets of randomly-generated numeracy questions on various topics, suitable for use as timed starters, available here

4 topics

8 topics

Interactive Geogebra applets—over 50 applets accessible to students and teachers in selected lessons

Diagnostic questions—multiple-choice diagnostic questions embedded in topic slides, suitable for in-class questioning or mini-whiteboard activities

Worksheets and worked solutions—A4 worksheets mirroring the lesson’s content, with full worked solutions to all exercises

Further resources—Downloadable slides (in pdf, but importable into IWB software) and slide handouts for all topics, plus "Skills Drill" worksheets, topic-specific Random Question Generators, and card sorts for several topics, as well as access to our smart QLAs

Enrichment course—Access to this course covering areas of mathematics, science and philosophy that are not part of most schools’ curricula but are fascinating in their own right

In the real world featurettes—Fascinating factoids, articles and videos showing how maths is genuinely used in the real world, accompanying over 120 topics

Quick links to all publicly available past paper questions—references to all new-spec questions from AQA, Edexcel and OCR, so that for each BossMaths topic, you can quickly access any relevant past paper question at the click of a mouse

Quick links to recent UKMT questions—relevant UKMT Junior and Intermediate Maths Challenge questions for BossMaths topics (where applicable) accessible at the click of a mouse

Cost per year


Whole school: £80
Individual teacher: £50

If you are undecided about choosing a BossMaths Premium subscription and want to find out more, please fill in our contact form.