Downloading the slides for offline access

The slides are NOT currently available as downloadable, editable PowerPoint files. Nevertheless, BossMaths Premium subscribers can download each full set of slides as a PDF file, formatted exactly as you see on the website. To do this, make sure you are logged in, and click the “Slides in PDF” links in the Teacher resources box.

Don’t forget that you can also download “write-on” worksheets (with spaces for students work) and condensed student handouts (without spacing, for reduced printing). The “write-on” worksheets are ideal for use under a visualiser. Note that the worksheets and handouts contain only the students’ exercises—i.e. they exclude the content from the “Examples” and “Diagnostic” slides.

Importing slides into interactive whiteboard software

Once you’ve downloaded the desired “Slides in PDF”, you can import the PDF into SMART Notebook or Promethean ActivInspire. The following tutorials show you how to do this:

Importing in SMART Notebook

Importin into Promethean ActivInspire