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    You will log in to BossMaths with your username. When you are logged in, your display name will appear beneath the BossMaths logo at the top of the page. If your name is Jane Smith, you might like to use Ms J Smith as your display name.
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    Note that an individual subscription is for one person's use only. As an individual subscriber, you can only be logged into BossMaths on one device at a time. As soon as you log in on a second device, you will be logged out of BossMaths on the first device. We provide a huge amount of free resources (accessible without login) and we believe our premium resources are excellent value, but we rely on income from subscribers to continue to run and improve the website. As an individual subscriber, you are not permitted to share your username and password with others. If you'd like your whole department to be able to access BossMaths, please support us by considering a school subscription.

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    Details: £41.67 + VAT (UK), £50 elsewhere; price shown in Pounds Sterling (GBP)
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