What’s new? March 2020

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Sixth Form content

We have added a batch of Sixth Form resources, and we will continue to add more. Here is an example of a question generator from our resources on differentiation. Students can use the slider for step-by-step guidance if stuck, or teachers can use the slider for guidance fading purposes.


Vocabulary resources

We have continued to create slides highlighting the etymology of key words, creating cross-curricular links where possible. Here is an example:

The current collection of slides can be downloaded at bossmaths.com/voacb, but note that we will continue to add more, so do check back to download the latest updates!

KS3-4 applets

Numbering scales

We have added this applet at N2g. There are three levels of difficulty at which students can practise finding missing numbers on a scale:

Maintaining equality

We’ve also added the below applet at A17a. The aim of this is to give students practice in maintaining equality by applying the same operation to both sides of an equation. Once they are comfortable with applying given operations, they can consider solving equations and appreciate how choosing operations strategically can help us solve equations—and that there can be different efficient ways to reach a solution.

Mixed-topic problem-solving

We have continued to add more mashup and shortcut problems, available to Premium subscribers via this page. To find out more about the resources available to our Premium subscribers, click here.

Here is an example of a resource added recently: