At BossMaths we are experienced independent consultants specialising in assessment, reporting, timetabling and curriculum design using SIMS and Nova T6. We have worked on a range of projects, including:

  • building timetables for a number of comprehensive schools;
  • redesigning an independent school’s timetable to better facilitate live remote teaching;
  • providing analysis of student data to senior teams in schools and in alternative provision settings; and
  • creating reports for parents.

If you are considering interim measures over the summer term, or even looking ahead to September, please use the contact form below to find out how we can support you.

Who we are

James has worked as an independent consultant for the last three years, prior to which he worked as an Assistant Head Teacher in charge of timetable and reporting at a large London comprehensive. As such, he is a seasoned timetabler and a highly experienced user of SIMS and Nova T6.

Sudeep has worked on a number of bespoke projects for schools relating to SIMS reporting and data analysis. As well as being a qualified teacher and ex-Head of Maths, he is also a chartered accountant and a former public sector auditor—so he is no stranger to working with large spreadsheets.

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