Christmas Quiz 2018

How to run the quiz
You can run this quiz in many different ways, but we recommend the following:
  • Split the class into groups of about 4 students.
  • Each group gets one mini-whiteboard.
  • The first question is put up on the interactive board.
  • Allow a set time for groups to discuss the questions and write down their answer on their mini-whiteboard—but make clear that students are not to hold up their mini-whiteboards until told to do so.
  • Towards the end of the set time, count down from 5 to indicate students should hold up their boards at the end of the countdown (and not sooner or later).
  • Award points to teams as appropriate. Keep a tally on a normal whiteboard, flipchart or sheet of paper. Move onto the next question, and repeat the process.
The solution to each question is the word in italics on the slide containing the following question.
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