What’s new? June 2020

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We have continued to add GCSE videos to the site, all ad-free, in 16:9, and in either 1080p or 4k.

Here is an example of a recent video. This one is an introduction to volumes of cuboids:

KS3-4 applets

Guidance fading applets

We are continuing to work on guidance fading applets to give students the chance to practise randomly generated questions and reveal step-by-step solutions. We have added trigonometry applets at G20b, G20c, and G22a. Here is an example.


We have added and updated a number of applets on transformations, many of which were shown in Sudeep’s MathsConf23 workshop, which he blogged about here and can be watched here. For example, here is an applet contrasting how students might learn about reflection in science lessons with what they might learn in maths. This can form the basis of an interesting and useful discussion.

  • Click reflection 1 in the applet below. You will see a correct mathematical reflection.
  • Click reflection 2. You will see the line reflection replaced by a line segment i.e. a finite mirror. Mathematically, the reflection shown is incorrect. This is because we cannot find a perpendicular distance between the object and the mirror.
  • Click reflection 3. Even the though the reflection shown was mathematically incorrect, it is correct from a real-life perspective. A suitably located person will be able to see a reflection of the triangle in the finite mirror.