P1a – Frequency trees

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  • The ability to add and subtract whole numbers from lesson N2a is required.
  • The ability to find a fraction of a quantity from lesson N12a is required.
  • The ability to find a percentage of a quantity from lesson R9b or R9c is also required.

Frequency trees

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  • Use the frequency tree from the Alpha/ Beta/ Gamma exercise above to construct a Venn diagram representing the data.

A group of students sit three tests. Four-fifths of the students pass the first test. 72% of students passed the second test, but only 64% of students passed both the first and second tests. A fifth of the students passed all three tests.
  1. What percentage of the students passed the first two tests but failed the third?
  2. Based on the information given, what is the smallest possible number of students in the group?
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  1.   44%
  2.   25 students
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