G15c – Bearings

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B is approximately, but not directly, the east of A. The bearing of A from B is \(xº\) and the bearing of B from A is \(yº\).
  • Given that \(x+y=400\), find \(x\) and \(y\).
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  •   \(x=290\), \(y=110\)

The bearing of C from D is \(pº\) and the bearing of D from C is \(qº\).
  1. the lower bound for \(p+q\)
  2. the upper bound for \(p+q\)
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  1.   180º
  2.   540º
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Interactive GeoGebra activity: Bearings

Drag the points A and B around. Given the bearing of B from A, see if you can work out the bearing of A from B.

In the real world

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What next?
These topics don’t rely on bearings, but would be good to move on to if you feel comfortable with angles: