R11a – Using compound units (Free preview – teacher version)

Part 1 – Speed, distance, and time

Teacher resources - Part 1 - Speed, distance, and time

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  • JMC 2017 Q25
  • JMC 2013 Q4

Part 2 – Density, mass, and volume

In the real world
]You can probably think of several real-world situations in which an understanding of speed, distance and time is helpful. The concept of density is applicable to floating and buoyancy – which has many serious real-life applications. Can you think of some? Objects less dense than water will float on water. But water is not the only medium things can float on. Here is a video of a cannonball floating in mercury, a metal which is liquid at room temperature: Why do helium balloons float? Here is a video of an attempt to use helium balloons to lift a man off the ground: