What’s new? September 2020

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Addition pyramids galore

We have created applets to generate random addition pyramids, to help students practise their addition and subtraction. These applets have click-to-reveal answers, and are available under teacher resources for a number of topics. involving adding and subtracting: positive integers, positive and negative integers, decimals, fractions, surds, and algebraic expressions.

Here is an example involving fractions.

TopTopics, Random Question Generators, and Skills Drills worksheets

Questions on time, timetables, and time zones have been added to TopTopics:

We have included several quick-access sets of random question generators under the Teacher Resources for G14d. We have also added new skills drill worksheets here.

Mixed-topic problem-solving

We have continued to add more mashup and shortcut problems, available to Premium subscribers via this page. To find out more about the resources available to our Premium subscribers, click here.

GeoGebra applet updates

We have added and updated a number of other applets across the site.