What’s new? January 2021

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Mini exams

Most of the question generators on the site are focussed on procedural bread-and-butter. In order to better cater for students aiming at higher grades, we are creating generators for longer form questions. We have now added mini exams on Proofs, Solving quadratic equations, and sequences. As is the case for all our mini-exams, there are two printable “fixed” mini exams in PDF, as well as a dynamic version to generate more questions. Here is an example of just one question type from within the sequences mini exams:

Click the question text to show/hide the answer, and click the blue answer text to generate a new question.

The mean

We have added this activity at S4b. It involves a good understand of the mean—and no arithmetic at all.

In response to a request, we have also updated one of the applets providing a visual representation of the mean in more situations, with the ability to work ‘forwards’ or ‘backwards’ in each case:

Shortcut and mashup questions

We have continued to add more of these, and will continue to do so. Check out Swaps, Investments, Two out of three ain’t bad, and Parallelogram.

A slight delay…

We’re almost ready to start releasing a series of “Target _” resources, which compile a handful question generators from different topics to create a mix of questions that can be used a starter. These will be printable, and it will also be possible to generate new versions of each problem with just a click. This will make it easy to give students further practice if they need it.