What’s new? June 2021

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GeoGebra applets

We have continued to add and update GeoGebra applets across the site. I recently tweeted about a double number line applet (and related applets):

You’ll find various versions of the double number line applet at this dedicated link, as well as at R9b, R9c, R9d, and R10a.

Delta exercises

We have continued to add a number of Delta exercises to our slides. These are designed to stretch students a little more than the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma exercises.

For example, here are the Delta exercises from G17b, which is about the circumference of. circle.

Target X

We have continued to add to our series of Target X sheets, and we have added a few more this month. These sheets contain questions from a mix of topics, are designed to be used with students targeting GCSE grades between 4 and 9. Target 4, Target 5, and Target 6 sheets contain four questions, whilst Target 7, Target 8, and Target 9 sheets each contain two longer questions. The sheets are designed to take students around 10 minutes.

Each set of sheets is available in three “fixed” versions A, B, and C; these are PDFs containing fixed questions. Additionally, each sheet is also available as a “dynamic” version, which you can use to generate and unlimited number of questions similar to those in the fixed sheets.

There are now 20 sets of sheets across the grades, but many more Target sheets are still to come!

Shortcut and Mashup questions

We have continued to add questions to our shortcut and mashup collection.

More Desmos classroom activities

As noted previously, we have started working on Desmos classroom activities for a number of topics. We have added a few more to our growing collection, and will continue to do so over the coming weeks. Where available, you will find links to these in the expandable Teacher resources boxes under a topic’s set of slides.