What’s new? July 2021

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GeoGebra applets

We have continued to add and update GeoGebra applets across the site. A recent addition is this interactive counting stick, demonstrated in this video:

For those unfamiliar with counting sticks, this video from the ATM may be of interest.

Desmos classroom activities

We have continued adding Desmos classroom activities to our resources, including for topics in geometry now—here is a question from the activity for G16a Area of rectangles:

Where available, you will find links to these Desmos classroom activities in the expandable Teacher resources boxes under a topic’s set of slides.

New lessons

We have started reworking a number of our lessons in order to explore topics in greater depth. For example, we have updated A2a on substitution. This page previously consisted of one set of slides, but now includes an additional set of slides focussing on substituting values to check an equation (or pair of simultaneous equations) is satisfied.

The page now also includes this applet which specifically focuses on substituting expressions into expressions—not just numerical values into expressions:

Team Battle

We have taken our existing question generators from TopTopics and made them available in a different format: the Team Battle. This allows you to quickly generate one question at a time from a wide range of different topics at different difficulty levels. There are different ways you might administer the Team Battle—you could allow students to confer or not (pandemic permitting). You could award points to every team that provides a correct answer, or just the fastest team to get the right answer. You could ask for answers on mini whiteboards, or via hands up, or rotate things by asking questions to one team at a time.