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Shortcut and Mashup problems

What are Shortcut problems?

Shortcut problems can be solved with very little working if students have a good understanding of the relevant concepts. It is often possible to solve these without such an understanding, but students will find it far more laborious. Here is an example of a Shortcut resource:

What are Mashup problems?

Our Mashup problems interweave different topics within a single question, and generally require a significant amount of written working. Here is an example of a Mashup problem, requiring knowledge of circle theorems, ratios, and trigonometry:

You can filter these resources by topic, BossMaths lesson code (e.g. G20a for Pythagoras’ Theorem) or any relevant key word:

Enrichment course

The course is made up of fourteen sessions, which need to be delivered by a teacher. The sessions mainly cover areas of mathematics, science and philosophy that are not part of most schools’ curricula but are fascinating in their own right. Many of these underpin the great technological advances made over the last century.

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