What’s new? March 2022

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GeoGebra applets

We have added new applets and made updates to existing applets. Here are a couple of examples:

Pie charts

This applet has been added at S2d. It generates a couple of variants of questions involving pie charts and fractions, with no need to focus on angles in degrees. It may serve as a useful introduction.

Humanity in context

This page now contains a zoomable timeline that helps convey human timescales relative to astronomical timescales. Launch the applet and then slowly drag the slider to the right. Notice how recently dinsosaurs appeared, relative to the age of the earth. Notice how late in the timeline human beings appear.

Delta exercises

We have continued to add Delta exercises to a few topics, to follow on from the Alpha, Beta and Gamma exercises.

Desmos classroom activities

We have continued to add Desmos classroom activities to our Resources. These Desmos activities contain randomised questions which means that for any given tasks, students in general will get similar, but not identical, questions to each other. As a teacher, you can quickly see the type of questions that students are seeing, but you can also dig deeper to see the specific question that each student sees. The video below shows the mobile phone screen of a student working through a task (on the right) and the teacher’s dashboard view (on the left). Whilst teachers can monitor students’ progress on a question-by-question basis during a live lesson, you don’t have to do this in real time. You can simply check how students fared at a later time, if you wish. This makes these activities suitable for use as homework tasks.

Where available, you will find links to these Desmos classroom activities in the expandable Teacher resources boxes under a topic’s set of slides.